Cady Reporting Announces Listing in NNRC Ohio Court Reporters Directory

(Folsom, California) January 17, 2018

Cleveland court reporters, Cady Reporting Services Inc. is pleased to announce its inclusion in the Ohio court reporters directory of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC). The new directory makes up part of the national court reporters directory of the NNRC organization, the nation’s largest membership of court reporters, legal videographers and firms offering trial support.

Charles Cady of Cady Reporting Services Inc.

Cady Reporting Services is one of the oldest court reporting firms in the nation and a standout within the Cleveland, Ohio legal community. Their services include legal videography, meeting hosting, real time reporting, document transcription and litigation support. Their inclusion in the Ohio directory broadens the company’s scope both nationally and throughout Ohio.

Cady President Charles Cady explains the significance of the publication:

We’re thrilled to be included in this prestigious directory of Ohio court reporting companies. Being listed with NNRC means we are able to accept clients for services from across the country and provide referrals to our partners in other states. Since the state of Ohio is such a large grouping of law firms through Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and elsewhere, this inclusion gives us a leg up on our competitors.¬†

Cady Reporting is one of the oldest NNRC member firms and provides an array of services throughout the Midwest. Its team of stenographers and legal technicians is lauded throughout the Cleveland legal community.

For more information about Cady Reporting visit their official website at or their offices at Western Reserve Building, 1468 West 9th Street, Suite 440 in Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

For more information about NNRC, visit their official website at or their official Facebook page.