Mark Shalloway Appears on Alzheimer’s Sunrise to Discuss Elder-Care Law

(Lake Park, FL) January 31, 2018 Elder Care Law Attorney Mark Shalloway sat down with hosts Mary Barnes and Karen Gilbert of Alzheimer’s Sunrise, airing on Legends 100.3 FM this week, to discuss the important role of an Elder Law Attorney in the life of aging seniors and caretakers to those with special needs.

In the interview, Mr. Shalloway presents a history of elder care, from the first signs of elder care need that arose in the 1960s and ‘70s, to the changes to standard American health insurance that came in the 1980s.

With these changes, Mr. Shalloway notes, elder care was not covered in the average American’s health insurance plan. For some, elder care can arise suddenly due to an unplanned incident like stroke or heart attack, but for many who have been diagnosed with a form of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, there is time to plan elder care so that the person or their loved one is financially and logistically prepared for what is to come.

Mr. Shalloway then outlines what elder care planning looks like for the average retired couple. He notes that it is more than a will and assets; an elder law attorney will help their client outline how they plan to pay for care, along with other unforeseen logistics, like children who have different ideas of what elder care will be for their parents. With an elder law attorney involved, a client’s wishes and plans will still be in the reins, regardless of any decrease in cognitive function.

Whatever a person’s budget and income, attorneys recognize that they worked hard for their money; with an elder-care law attorney, those assets remain under a client’s control.

Further, Mr. Shalloway acknowledges that it can be stressful to turn over control of a person’s finances and future to someone else, which is why the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys has a website where anyone can find attorneys who have had to prove themselves through exams and consistently ethical performance.

Mr. Shalloway also notes that Veterans organizations have created spaces for elder care law attorneys to help the elderly who courageously served the United States.

An elder care attorney knows their client’s budget, and they will ensure that each client receives the best care for the longest duration.

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