Techwhyze Announces New Health and Technology Category

(Miami, Florida) August 23, 2018

Techwhyze is pleased to announce the addition of a new publication category—Health and Technology.  The pieces released under this category feature stories that combine the ever-expanding world of technology and our health and wellness. Recent pieces include information on advances in neurosurgery, balloon sinuplasty, and hormone therapy’s relation to weight loss. The articles are written in a digestible fashion that allow easy access for any reader.

The host site of all this brilliant information, Techwhyze, is a journal dedicated engaging readers with profiles in creators and technologies across a wide breadth of fields. The publication covers forms of technology one might expect, such as cell phones and digital imaging, as well as interesting profiles on court reporting companies and marketing.

Its these unique stories that separates Techwhyze from other technology-based journals. Techwhyze illustrates that it isn’t just the fields of computers and science that are heavily influenced by technology. Many different businesses and organizations use technology to thrive, and each of them deserve to be recognized.

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