The Sophia Group Announces Strategic Partnership Division for Professional Associations

(West Palm Beach, Florida) November 20, 2018

The Sophia Group is pleased to announce a new division of business: strategic partnership for professional associations. The company knows just how important online marketing is, and wants to better educate businesses on how to get involved. With this partnership, businesses will be able to expand their already existing clientele to heights that, at one point, may have seemed difficult to grasp.

President George Magalios describes these strategic partnerships and their benefits in a way that seems almost impossible or business owners to pass up:

Our strategic partnerships create added value to members of professional associations by providing free consulting and reduced rates on our multimedia public relations and marketing packages. We are thrilled to offer a special arrangement as an exclusive vendor to these great organizations. The end result is added income to the organization and valuable benefits to their members that help them stand out among their competition.”

Current, worldwide Sophia Group clientele include weight loss clinics, medispas, treatment centers, and plastic surgery professional associations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Through the utilization of Sophia Group branches Mediasophia, Legalsophia, Beautysophia, and SophiaLux, clients can watch their businesses’ names gain repute online—which grows increasingly important as we dive deeper and deeper into the age of the internet. Satisfied clients rave about the garnered results from their partnership with The Sophia Group.

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