Roberto de Guevara Announces Lecture Tour On Link Between Breathing and Stress Management

(Colorado Springs, Colorado) February 13, 2018

Roberto de Guevara of Colorado Springs is pleased to announce the launch of a lecture dedicated to the exploration of better health and stress management through more efficient breathing. Mr. de Guevara is an international consultant and lecturer as well as the founder of Respiras, a technique and practice that teaches healthy and efficient breathing.

The new lecture tour will be free and open to the public. It will includes information on the link between various ailments and diseases and poor air intake and breathing. Mr. de Guevara has lectured across the world and is a former consultant to many organizations and companies include various branches of the United States military where he conducted courses related to the link between physical performance, combat, and stress management.

With over 72 million Americans suffering from some form of breathing deficiency, the importance of proper respiratory health and breathing techniques has become a major health concern. With so many people suffering from shortness of breath, sleep apnea, snoring, strokes and other issues related to a lack of proper and efficient oxygen intake to the brain, the importance of proper breathing has taken center stage. Between obesity and a general lack of exercise, more and more people are suffering from serious health conditions that can be avoided or mitigated by more efficient breathing techniques and a better awareness of how overall health is affected by breathing.

For more information about Roberto de Guevara and his lecture tour visit the official Linked In page.

Mark Shalloway Appears on Alzheimer’s Sunrise to Discuss Elder-Care Law

(Lake Park, FL) January 31, 2018 Elder Care Law Attorney Mark Shalloway sat down with hosts Mary Barnes and Karen Gilbert of Alzheimer’s Sunrise, airing on Legends 100.3 FM this week, to discuss the important role of an Elder Law Attorney in the life of aging seniors and caretakers to those with special needs.

In the interview, Mr. Shalloway presents a history of elder care, from the first signs of elder care need that arose in the 1960s and ‘70s, to the changes to standard American health insurance that came in the 1980s.

With these changes, Mr. Shalloway notes, elder care was not covered in the average American’s health insurance plan. For some, elder care can arise suddenly due to an unplanned incident like stroke or heart attack, but for many who have been diagnosed with a form of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, there is time to plan elder care so that the person or their loved one is financially and logistically prepared for what is to come.

Mr. Shalloway then outlines what elder care planning looks like for the average retired couple. He notes that it is more than a will and assets; an elder law attorney will help their client outline how they plan to pay for care, along with other unforeseen logistics, like children who have different ideas of what elder care will be for their parents. With an elder law attorney involved, a client’s wishes and plans will still be in the reins, regardless of any decrease in cognitive function.

Whatever a person’s budget and income, attorneys recognize that they worked hard for their money; with an elder-care law attorney, those assets remain under a client’s control.

Further, Mr. Shalloway acknowledges that it can be stressful to turn over control of a person’s finances and future to someone else, which is why the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys has a website where anyone can find attorneys who have had to prove themselves through exams and consistently ethical performance.

Mr. Shalloway also notes that Veterans organizations have created spaces for elder care law attorneys to help the elderly who courageously served the United States.

An elder care attorney knows their client’s budget, and they will ensure that each client receives the best care for the longest duration.

For more information on Mark Shalloway and his firm, Shalloway and Shalloway, please visit their site at


Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Holds Town Hall Meeting on Opioids Crisis

(Pembroke Pines, FL) August 29, 2017


In response to the growing number of people suffering and dying from the opioid abuse epidemic in Broward County, FL, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief held a town hall meeting Thursday morning where government leaders and healthcare professionals alike gathered to talk about finding a sustainable solution.“We are pooling our resources, not just on a county level, but with our 31 municipalities to combat this problem,” Sharief said. With over 300 people in attendance, Barbara Sharief and fellow officials conveyed the worrying statistics brought forth by local police. According to their coroners and medical examiners, an increase in heroin on the streets has resulted in the deaths of dozens of individuals via overdose every week. In the previous year alone, the lives of 582 people were claimed by their opioid addiction, with the numbers this year on track to break that record.

Heroin is one form of opiate that is commonly used on the streets. Medically, opiates are used to treat pain, but they have the notorious side effect of being highly addictive. Often times, people who have become addicted to prescription opiates will turn to heroin when their supply is cut off. Law enforcement, elected officials, and other experts attending Thursday’s meeting were briefed on specific details of heroin as well as how to tell if someone is high, and if they’re addicted. “It knows no socioeconomic boundaries, and so I believe that that’s why it’s become such a national epidemic,” said Sharief. “A person is addicted, and they’re having a crisis. They’re having a failure from [an] overdose of an opioid. We pay for that in the form of healthcare, emergency services and even at times, for mortuary services,” she said.

Thursday’s meeting not only discussed the particulars of heroin addiction but how to provide the resources and the tools that recovery specialists and programs need to be able to help break the cycle of addiction.


For more information on the opioid epidemic and what we can do to stop it, check out the official Barbara Sharief website.


Healthcare Consortium Kaiser Permanente Appoints Dr. Shayan Rahman as New Assistant Chief of Neurosurgery

Dr. Shayan Rahman
Dr. Shayan Rahman

(Los Angeles, CA) February 8, 2017

Integrated managed care consortium, Kaiser Permanente (KP) has recently undergone a new change in management staff. They are pleased to announce that they have appointed Dr. Shayan Rahman to the position of Assistant Chief of the department of Neurosurgery. Having published an impressive repertoire of studies since his graduation in 2001 from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Dr. Rahman has shown his dedication to remaining at the forefront of medical care and scientific principles by attending neurosurgery courses all over the United States.

With his recent promotion, he continues to be a dedicated consultant to the Clinical Neurosurgery in the USA online publication and a dedicated professor at his alma mater, UCLA’s Medical School.

For over 60 years, Kaiser Permanente has provided a unique integrated managed care service. With eight primary locations in the United States, it is the USA’s largest managed care program. Managed care programs aim to reduce the cost of healthcare by providing economic incentives to lower costs across a selection of medical practices that all follow the same fundamental principles. KP’s dedication to improving the health of their members and the communities they serve is accomplished by keeping on top of current healthcare trends and studies, a mission well suited to the dedication Dr. Rahman put towards presenting new and groundbreaking research.

For more information visit the official Kaiser Permanente  website at or their official Facebook page.



Corpus Christi Medical Weight Loss Doctors Announce New Services


(Corpus Christi, Texas) December 21st, 2016

Corpus Christi weight loss doctors at Advanced Weight Loss are pleased to announce their new services in providing a highly effective medical weight loss plan geared towards helping patients achieve permanent results and a healthy body. Their Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss plan is a new and powerful approach to weight loss that helps people shed weight both safely and effectively. The program relies on the power of natural serotonin, which has been shown to help people change their approach to food by breaking vicious cycles.

Serotonin is a natural chemical found inside the body that works among the pathways in our brain to provide the sensation of happiness and wellbeing. When we struggle to properly produce enough serotonin, our body finds ways to stimulate serotonin production in natural ways. Carbohydrates and many other fattening foods trigger a release of serotonin by our body and thusly cements a cycle of positive reinforcement that negatively impacts overall weight and health. By providing that needed serotonin supplement in a pill that doesn’t contain any extra calories, the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss program helps patients alleviate cravings for carbohydrates and other fattening foods.

Through this doctor-supervised program, patients are also armed with the tools they need to maintain their weight loss success over time. By providing a relief in the vicious cycle of food and natural positive reinforcement, the introduction of healthier lifestyle habits are much easier to start and maintain. The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss program is designed to work with your body’s natural functions rather than against them, making the results an almost guaranteed permanent solution.

For more information check out the Advanced Weight Loss website, their official facebook page, or call at (361) 906.9178.

Fix Your Sinuses, Balloon Sinuplasty Specialists in Palm Beach County, Announce New Free Sinus Test

(West Palm Beach, FL) June 22, 2016

Fix Your Sinuses is pleased to announce the publication of a free sinus test for potential patients to determine if they are candidates for balloon sinuplasty. The Sino-Nasal Outcome Test is available at Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure from which patients can report much clearer sinus passage air flow. The procedure allows patients to return home the same day upon completion.

Fix Your Sinuses is one of the most prestigious Ear, Nose and Throat or Otolaryngology practices in the nation. Based in West Palm Beach, the practice is headed by Dr. Michael Schwartz and Dr. Joseph Zito, two board-certified Otolaryngologists who are specialists in the balloon sinuplasty procedure.

Among balloon sinuplasty doctors in West Palm Beach, Fix Your Sinuses offers patients a very high level of success for its procedures and offers various treatments for deviated septums, chronic sinusitis, chronic nasal congestion and much more. It is estimated that more than 74 million Americans suffer from various forms of chronic nasal congestion due to allergies or other factors. Coupled with sinus infections and ofter inhibitors that block proper air flow, the causes of blocked sinus passages can contribute to many serious health conditions.

For more information visit or call 561.461.4671.