The Sophia Group Announces Scholarship Award to San Francisco State University’s Humanities Department

The Sophia Group

(San Francisco) August 28, 2017

The Sophia Group and George Magalios are pleased to announce the awarding of its annual Magalios Family Scholarship to the Humanities Department at San Francisco State University. The annual $1,000 award goes to a graduate student in financial need with the winner to be determined by faculty in the University.

The Humanities Department at San Francisco State is among the nation’s most diverse and respected graduate programs offering interdisciplinary studies in fields as diverse as philosophy, history, literature and cultural studies. San Francisco State’s Humanities program is one of the oldest multidisciplinary graduate programs in the United States.

Mediasophia and Sophia Group President George Magalios is an alumnus of San Francisco State University where he earned his Master of Arts Degree in 1995 in the Humanities Department.

“I am delighted to continue our commitment to San Francisco State’s Magalios Family Scholarship. My parents always emphasized the importance of academics, commitment and helping others as they were raising me. This scholarship represents my way of saying thank you for their guidance,” notes Mr. Magalios.

The Sophia Group is a media company that specializes in marketing and design and publishes The Sophia News as well as other entities.

The Sophia Group funds three Magalios Family Scholarships annually. They include Concordia University in Montreal, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and San Francisco State University. For more information visit the San Francisco State link on the Magalios Family Scholarship or, the official website of The Sophia Group.

Eagle Arts Academy Announces New Technology in Arts Curriculum

Known for their work embedding visual-learning and engaging content into their core curriculum in order to promote collaboration and exploration, Eagle Arts Academy is proud to announce that they will be adding the award-winning educational learning program from into their early learning program. With their state of the art computer lab available to every student, learning and promoting a child’s four C’s: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, becomes easier than ever before!

The Reading Curriculum Includes:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • Phonics
  • Rhyming words and word families
  • More than 450 books and beginning readers
  • Sentence structure
  • Parts of speech’s reading curriculum spans the entire range of early reading, from learning the names of each letter and the sounds they represent to being able to read books, starting with a few words on a page and gradually advancing to paragraphs. The curriculum for first grade also includes writing and language skills, such as sentence structure and punctuation, parts of speech, and practice with writing genres.

The Math Curriculum Includes:

  • Recognizing and counting numbers 1-120
  • The base ten system
  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Names and attributes of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Length, time, and money measurement teaches numbers, addition and subtraction, shapes, patterns, measurements, and more! Our games and creative activities make math fun while giving young learners the practice they need to build a strong foundation for success.

The Science and Social Studies Curriculum Includes:

  • The body and health
  • Plants and animals
  • Weather, climate, and the seasons
  • Earth’s environments
  • Maps
  • Regions of the United States
  • The Solar System
  • Matter and its properties’s science and social studies curriculum helps children understand the world they live in and inspires curiosity. By encouraging a child’s love of learning early on in their student life, it sets up a strong foundation for success, as they grow older.

For more information on the Eagle Arts Academy curriculum visit the school’s official website at

On the Path to Success: Eagle Arts Academy Jumps Up Entire Grade in New Florida School Grades

(Wellington, Florida)  June 21, 2017


Last month someone asked the question: “Are kids being educated at Wellington’s Eagle Arts Academy? Today, with the unveiling of Florida’s new school grades, the answer is a resounding YES!

In just the third year since opening its doors as a Palm Beach County charter school, Eagle Arts Academy has just earned a “C” grade in the latest Florida state school rankings. This is up from a “D” grade the year before. The latest numbers, provided by officials at the Palm Beach County School District, show Eagle Arts Academy improved in almost every measured category:


ELA* Achievement:                        This year:            46            Last Year:            40            UP 6 POINTS

*English Language Arts

ELA Learning Gains:                        This year:            50.7            Last Year:            36            UP 14.7 POINTS

ELA Learning Gains

of the lowest 25%                        This year:            43.7            Last Year:            25            UP 18.7 POINTS


Math Achievement:                        This year:            33            Last Year:            24            UP 9 POINTS


Math Learning Gains:                        This year:            43.5            Last Year:            25            UP 18.5 POINTS

Math Learning Gains

of the lowest 25%                        This year:            40            Last Year:            19            UP 21 POINTS


Science Achievement:                        This year:            42.5            Last Year:                        25            UP 17.5 POINTS


Social Studies Achievement            This year:            51            Last Year:                        65            DOWN 14 POINTS


The numbers are not officially be released by the state until July, but the school’s latest results were provided to Eagle Arts Academy by the Palm Beach County School District during a training session. The purpose of the session was to teach schools how to properly interpret the state’s latest rankings.

In addition to the state grade, other results also show remarkable student performance. Specifically, the school had 100 percent of its eighth graders pass the math EOC exam this year.


“We made several changes this year, and each one was motivated by what was in the best interest of our children. Today, these new results validate every decision we made,” said Greg Blount, Founder of Eagle Arts Academy. “The fact that Eagle Arts Academy is up almost across the board illustrates why we did what we did.”


Blount thanked Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent Robert Avossa for supporting Eagle Arts Academy’s School Improvement Plan this year. He also acknowledged the support of the District’s charter school office.


“I especially want to acknowledge Palm Beach County School Board Member Marcia Andrews for her support of our school over this past year” added Blount.


The new state school grade follows internal district testing that also showed Eagle Arts Academy gains over last year.

Those scores, part of the District’s iReady Diagnostic & Instruction for Reading and Mathematics program, showed Eagle Arts Academy students improved an average of 26 points in reading and 17 points in math. According to the District scores, Eagle Arts Academy students tested above the targeted reading level in kindergarten, and grades 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8. First grade tested at 97% of the target level. Second grade was at 71%, and sixth grade tested at 86% of the target level.

The new numbers also show improvements at every grade level in math. The most dramatic math improvement was among Eagle Arts Academy’s 8th graders who exceeded target test levels by 155%. While the school missed its overall target for average growth in math, it did achieve 83% of the goal.

Eagle Arts Academy uses teaching methodologies that create a fun and engaging learning environment such as Center-Based Learning, Project Based Learning, and Kinesthetic Learning. Children who don’t like school or struggle with standard teaching methods are transformed into engaged learners, no matter if they are a low-level, average or gifted student. The school’s goal is to create as many options as possible to help students be successful in their learning.


For more information visit the Eagle Arts Academy website or their official Facebook page.

Eagle Arts Academy Charter School Opens New Boca Raton, Florida Campus

(Boca Raton, FL) June 22, 2016

Eagle Arts Academy, a charter arts school based in Wellington, Florida, is pleased to announce the opening of its new Boca Raton, Florida campus. Eagle Arts is a kindergarten through 8th grade school that specializes in providing a minimum of 40 minutes of arts instruction to all students every day. The new Boca Raton campus will serve the southern Palm Beach County community. Boca Raton is one of the nation’s most affluent municipalities and until the new Eagle Arts campus, had no arts school for its area.

Eagle Arts will provide a holistic education that emphasizes the entire personal makeup of each student. Its cross-disciplinary curriculum has received numerous awards and has graduated a variety of high-profile students who have gone on to prestigious high schools, colleges and jobs in the arts and corporate worlds across North America.

The school is famous for its “artademix” curriculum that focuses on both performance and production arts that foster the development of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Eagle Arts Executive Board Chairman states: “We are very exciting to serve the Boca Raton area with our new campus. We feel there is a great demand for our pedagogy among families in this area and we have received an extraordinary response in terms of applications for the first graduating class.”

For more information about Eagle Arts Academy visit the official website or Facebook page. Interested parties can also call the school directly at 561.412.4087.

G-Star’s “A” Rating Indicates Academic Excellence






Ratings reflect academic performance and graduation rates.

(PALM SPRINGS, FL) APRIL 5, 2016— The G-Star School of the Arts is pleased to announce that the school has received an A rating from the Florida Department of Education.

To calculate the rankings, schools are measured for performance in English language arts, math, science, and social studies. There are also metrics for graduation rates and acceleration success, which measures how students perform in advanced placement and other classes.

Out of more than 200 schools in Palm Beach County that were graded, G-Star was one of about 80 that achieved an A rating.

Over more than a decade since it was established, G-Star has established itself as a leader among Palm Beach County charter schools. The school routinely outperforms more traditional high schools in metrics for reading, mathematics, and science. About half of all students have a 3.5 G.P.A. or better, and one in five has a 4.0 G.P.A. About 97 percent of students graduate and they have parlayed their academic success at G Star into scholarships at some of the country’s leading performing arts programs at schools like UCLA, NYU, Boston University, Syracuse University, Florida State University, and USC.


G-Star School of the Arts Announces Winners for National Scholastic Arts Competition

gstar(PALM SPRINGS, FL) MARCH2, 2016 — Five G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts students have won first place Gold Key and second place Silver Key awards for their artistic submissions at the National Scholastic Arts Competition.

Over 15,000 students entered their art work in film, animation and photography. G-Star School of the Arts is proud to announce G-Star student Eli Dreyfuss walked away with an unprecedented 14 awards including 7 Gold Key Awards, 3 Silver Awards, and 4 Honorable Mention Awards for his Still Photography.

Among the honors he received were:

Gold Key: Stuck in Time

Gold Key: Stand Strong

Gold Key: State of Depression

Gold Key: Laughing Hands

Gold Key: Soul Perspective

Gold Key: Final Glance

Gold Key: Royalty

Silver Key: Art Portfolio Social Darkness

Silver Key: Demeaning Darkness

Silver Key: Tolerance

Honorable Mention: Artistic Vision

Honorable Mention: Self Reflection

Honorable Mention: Insight

Honorable Mention: Mysterious Faces

Matt Wilson, Noah Engle and Billy Rubeck won the Gold Key Award for their animated professional commercial for a national product titled 911 BOOST.  Christian Aguiar won the Silver Key Award in the Film & Animation category for his film “America.”

“Even more astounding, this is the third international competition Eli Dreyfuss has won with his photography with over 12,000 students in one competition from around the world and 15,000 in another,” says Greg Hauptner, the school’s Founder and CEO.  “That means Eli has finished first three times in direct competition with a combined number of 42,000 students!”

If you are interested in learning more about G-Star, the school will be hosting an open house next month on March 5th and 6th from 1-2:30 p.m.