Dr. Angelo Thrower, Miami Dermatologist, Announces Midsummer’s Night’s Sale

(Miami, Florida) July 13, 2018

Dr. Angelo Thrower

July is summertime, a time for fun, sand, and sun. It is also a time to consider one’s appearance and care for one’s skin and body.

Dr. Angelo Thrower, a Miami dermatologist, is pleased to announce a new promotion called “Midsummer’s Night”. It features 20% off skincare products designed by Dr. Thrower himself. The promotion is effective July 16 and and July 17, 2018 only.



Dr. Thrower is a noted dermatologist and developer of unique skin and haircare products designed especially for people of color and ethnic backgrounds, from African Americans to Caribbean Islanders and peoples of Hispanic descent. A rising star in the field of dermatology and medispas, Dr. Thrower is also a team physician for the Miami Heat.

Dr. Thrower’s products include hair regrowth solutions, oily skin treatments, and body washes. Each of the products has exclusive patents pending with the United States and may only be purchased from Dr. Thrower’s office or online at drthrowerskincare.com.

For more information visit the official Dr. Thrower Facebook and Twitter pages or call (305) 757-9797 to book an appointment.

Dr. Thrower’s offices are located at 180 NE 99th Street, Miami Shores, FL., 33138.