Anderson Reporting Announces Directory Listing on

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(Columbus, Ohio) April 24, 2019

Anderson Reporting is pleased to announce their feature on the directory of court reporting firms across the United States. Sometimes, attorneys are forced to travel across their state—and even the nation—for the sake of a case. This directory allows attorneys to easily discover what court reporting firms are the preferred professionals in their specific area.

The Anderson Reporting page goes into great detail about why this Columbus court reporting firm is the firm of choice. Here, attorneys and paralegals can learn about the iconic firm’s legacy—from humble beginnings to being a charter member of the NNRC—, as well as what services these litigation professionals offer. In just a few minutes, potential clients can confidently schedule with Anderson, because it is clear as day that their case is in good hands.

“Anderson Reporting is really a powerhouse of a litigation company,” Logan Copley a legal consultant from Liverpool, New York, says. “When firm president, Gayle Anderson, saw just how inadequate many firms were, she decided to change the status quo and develop a court reporting firm that exceeds clients’ expectations every time with their quality.”

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With their high standard of accuracy, timeliness, and customer service acting as the firm’s backbone, Anderson Reporting has made a name for themselves as one of the top firms in the nation. They know just how difficult the legal world is, so they follow through with their cases to ensure client satisfaction every time. The firm is large enough to serve clients on a national scale, but small enough that customer service is individualized, and that attorneys know their case is in the hands of someone who cares.

For more information about Anderson Reporting call (614) 326-0177, email, or visit their offices.

1421 West Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43212

Academy Medical Featured on Essential Businesses

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) April 10, 2019

Academy Medical is pleased to announce their feature on Essential Businesses—a publication that profiles a vast number of unique businesses. The article discusses how important the procurement of medical devices and supplies is to the health care industry, and how Academy Medical makes the process of getting clinicians in the federal medical community the supplies they need to treat veterans, active military members, and their families. For clinicians and medical facilities within the government medical system seeking supplies and equipment from the top manufacturers at reasonable prices, the Essential Business profile shows there is no other procurement company to turn to than Academy Medical.

Ryan Isham, Vice President of Med/Surg at Academy Medical, has this to say about what it is that separates Academy Medical from other medical procurement companies:

“Academy Medical offers more value than competitors in terms of agility, expertise, access points, and competitive platform. Our use of technology minimizes workflow and offers seamless integration while maximizing continuity–providing an agile system.  We have extensive experience in sourcing government solicitations and troubleshooting procurement issues. In fact, Academy Medical fields Account Executives, whose role is to ensure a trouble-free procurement process. Only Academy Medical has Flightline, our robust web-based electronic commerce platform that connects our manufacturing partners with the Government end users and enables real-time order processing and shipment tracking, resulting in a streamlined and traceable purchasing and shipping process.”

With state-of-the-art technology on their side, Academy Medical has an advantage over other procurement companies. The staff prides themselves on providing a streamlined approach to business others have yet to grasp with transparent reporting, budget-conscious planning, centralized order processing, and end-to-end oversight.  Academy Medical strives to provide quality medical and surgical products, including new and innovative products, to the VA, DoD, and HHS from top manufacturers – utilizing numerous government sales channels.

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On the company’s status as an SDVOSB, Ryan Isham says, “This designation gives us priority in the procurement process – government purchasing agents are encouraged to utilize products offered by SDVOSB companies as their first choice in the purchasing process. 

For more information about Academy Medical, call (888) 860-0561, email or visit their web site:

380 Columbia Dr., Suite 100, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

NNRC Announces FAQ on Court Reporters

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(Folsom, California) April 9, 2019

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their new page of frequently asked questions on court reporters. The page answers how stenographs work, how many words court reporters can type per minute, how court reporters become certified, and what sets court reporters apart from other recording devices. As a company centered around providing attorneys and paralegals with the litigation support they deserve, the staff at the NNRC know just how important it is for their clients to have a complete understanding of what the litigation services they offer.

“It is crucial that attorneys and their paralegals have complete understanding of how unique litigation services can benefit their case,” Brandon Bell, an expert from O’Fallon, Illinois says. “By having questions lined up and answered, the NNRC helps clients make an educated decision on what exactly they need from a court reporting firm, which is highly beneficial to their case.”

For decades now, the NNRC has been a major component to hundreds of legal cases across the world. The firm was founded on the basis that attorneys and paralegals should be able to find quality court reporters without having to handle trial and error. Members of the NNRC are only accepted after undergoing an extreme vetting process to assure their quality of reporting, timeliness, accuracy, and customer service. If a court reporting firm is a member of the NNRC, clients can be confident their case is in good hands.

Whether in need of a court reporter for a deposition, a videographer, a realtime reporter, or any other litigation specialist under the sun, the NNRC has the client covered. They do everything within their power to make sure clients are satisfied with their service, as that is the most important aspect of their business: client satisfaction.

For more information about the NNRC, call (866) 337-6672, email, or visit their office.

NNRC Administrative Office
950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150 Folsom, CA 95630