Gore Brothers Announces Legal Videography FAQ

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(Baltimore, Maryland) February 27, 2019

Gore Brothers, a court reporting firm serving the Washington D.C. area, is pleased to announce their new page for frequently asked questions about legal videography. In recent years, legal videography has become an important part in the world of law. Recording depositions so that they may be utilized at a later date (be it for review, or trial) is vastly beneficial to the outcome of a case.

To help clients yield a better understanding of what legal videography can do for them, the professionals at Gore Brothers outlined five of the most frequently asked questions professionals have about legal videography: why videotape a deposition? How is it used in trial? Are deposition videographers certified? Can a deposition video be used instead of live testimony? How should a witness prepare for their video deposition? What is deposition synchronizing? In just a few minutes, attorneys and paralegals can have their questions answered through this easily digestible page.

“Legal videography is quickly becoming a staple of the court reporting industry,” expert Brandon Bell from Oak Park, Illinois, says. “Watching new trends form is how decades-old firms like Gore Brothers stay on top of the game. Firms that don’t keep up with the trends fall behind.”

Since 1961, the professionals at Gore Brothers have been a staple of the legal industry in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Attorneys and paralegals in the area know that there is no other litigation firm that holds a candle to the work put forward by Gore Brothers. The staff is hardworking, efficient, accurate, and dedicated to their craft.

For more information about Gore Brothers, call (410) 837-3027, email reporter@gorebrothers.com, or visit their offices.

36 South Charles Street, Suite 2002, Baltimore, MD 21201

The Sophia News Announces New Contemporary Art Profile Series

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(New York, New York) February 26, 2019

The Sophia News, an advertiser-free journal of the arts and philanthropy, is pleased to announce its new series of contemporary art profiles. The series will discuss the happenings of leading contemporary art galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Miami, and other art capitals of the world. The focus will include featured profiles and interviews with artists, gallery directors, and museum directors. Currently, the series includes articles such as interviews with Andy Warhol Museum director, Patrick Moore, and Corbett vs. Dempsey co-founder, John Corbett.

Patrick Moore, Andy Warhol Museum Director.

The Sophia News Publisher, George Magalios, explains the origin of this new series:

“Contemporary art is a leading cultural indicator— both at the edge of culture and at its center. Our series is a way to explore the many rich and fascinating linkages between philanthropy, creativity, and new artists. The Sophia News has a mission to bring to light contemporary culture’s vanguard. Ours is a readership that embraces the relationships between philosophy, giving, and cultural production.”

Though many may not realize the truth, when it comes to the winding world of culture, contemporary art plays a major role. We see trends in contemporary art reflected in movies, music, and even politics– and rightfully so, art mirrors it right back. With such an important aspect of culture resting on the shoulders of contemporary art, it is no wonder The Sophia News has decided to make it a focus of the publication.

The publication focuses on three key elements illustrated by a subheading on the journal’s webpage: philanthropy, creativity, and wisdom. Using these key words as a guide, The Sophia News covers topics such as Power Philanthropists within the philanthropy community, stories of celebrities giving back to their communities, and everyday heroes we can all relate to. The publication reviews music events, ballet and theater productions, and of course, exhibitions put forth by a number of galleries across the world. When readers turn to The Sophia News, they are leaving with a cultural experience.

For more information about The Sophia News, visit sophianews.com, their official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or call (877) 825-9020.

Tempest Reporting Announces New Video Deposition FAQ

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(Salt Lake City, Utah) February 7, 2019

Salt Lake City court reporting firm, Tempest Reporting, is pleased to announce their brand new page on frequently asked questions about video depositions. Some clients may be unsure about the semantics of the video deposition process. These questions and answers help clarify some common concerns attorneys and paralegals may have, such as how the tapes are used in trial, if they can be used in place of live testimony, if deposition videographers are certified, how they should prepare their witnesses, and what exactly deposition synchronizing is. This useful resource can help attorneys and paralegals decide if video depositions are a good fit for their case.

The talented staff at Tempest Reporting are all about providing their clients with the best resources the world of litigation has to offer. Whether it simply be a set of frequently asked questions, or their online, mobile-friendly booking engine, each service is intricately crafted with their client’s needs in mind. It is that desire to provide clients with the best of the best that inspired firm president, Ariel Mumma, to open the court reporting firm in the first place.

“Mumma’s dedication to her clients really shows through the quality of service her staff puts forward,” Brandon Bell, a legal expert from Illinois, says. “There are few court reporting firms that go the extra mile like the staff at Tempest Reporting do. They are really something special.”

With Tempest Reporting, clients can be confident that their needs are heard, are valid, and are in good hands with these Salt Lake City court reporters.

For more information on Tempest Reporting and their services, call (801) 521-2222, email ariel@reporting.com, or visit their Salt Lake City Offices.

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