Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Holds Town Hall Meeting on Opioids Crisis

(Pembroke Pines, FL) August 29, 2017


In response to the growing number of people suffering and dying from the opioid abuse epidemic in Broward County, FL, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief held a town hall meeting Thursday morning where government leaders and healthcare professionals alike gathered to talk about finding a sustainable solution.“We are pooling our resources, not just on a county level, but with our 31 municipalities to combat this problem,” Sharief said. With over 300 people in attendance, Barbara Sharief and fellow officials conveyed the worrying statistics brought forth by local police. According to their coroners and medical examiners, an increase in heroin on the streets has resulted in the deaths of dozens of individuals via overdose every week. In the previous year alone, the lives of 582 people were claimed by their opioid addiction, with the numbers this year on track to break that record.

Heroin is one form of opiate that is commonly used on the streets. Medically, opiates are used to treat pain, but they have the notorious side effect of being highly addictive. Often times, people who have become addicted to prescription opiates will turn to heroin when their supply is cut off. Law enforcement, elected officials, and other experts attending Thursday’s meeting were briefed on specific details of heroin as well as how to tell if someone is high, and if they’re addicted. “It knows no socioeconomic boundaries, and so I believe that that’s why it’s become such a national epidemic,” said Sharief. “A person is addicted, and they’re having a crisis. They’re having a failure from [an] overdose of an opioid. We pay for that in the form of healthcare, emergency services and even at times, for mortuary services,” she said.

Thursday’s meeting not only discussed the particulars of heroin addiction but how to provide the resources and the tools that recovery specialists and programs need to be able to help break the cycle of addiction.


For more information on the opioid epidemic and what we can do to stop it, check out the official Barbara Sharief website.


The Sophia Group Announces Scholarship Award to San Francisco State University’s Humanities Department

The Sophia Group

(San Francisco) August 28, 2017

The Sophia Group and George Magalios are pleased to announce the awarding of its annual Magalios Family Scholarship to the Humanities Department at San Francisco State University. The annual $1,000 award goes to a graduate student in financial need with the winner to be determined by faculty in the University.

The Humanities Department at San Francisco State is among the nation’s most diverse and respected graduate programs offering interdisciplinary studies in fields as diverse as philosophy, history, literature and cultural studies. San Francisco State’s Humanities program is one of the oldest multidisciplinary graduate programs in the United States.

Mediasophia and Sophia Group President George Magalios is an alumnus of San Francisco State University where he earned his Master of Arts Degree in 1995 in the Humanities Department.

“I am delighted to continue our commitment to San Francisco State’s Magalios Family Scholarship. My parents always emphasized the importance of academics, commitment and helping others as they were raising me. This scholarship represents my way of saying thank you for their guidance,” notes Mr. Magalios.

The Sophia Group is a media company that specializes in marketing and design and publishes The Sophia News as well as other entities.

The Sophia Group funds three Magalios Family Scholarships annually. They include Concordia University in Montreal, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and San Francisco State University. For more information visit the San Francisco State link on the Magalios Family Scholarship or, the official website of The Sophia Group.

Mayor Barbara Sharief Presents “Broward Means Business” Proclamations to Outstanding Local Businesses

(Broward County, FL) August 16, 2017

As part of the “Broward Means Business” initiative, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief has recently handed out a select number of proclamations to exemplary businesses in the Broward County area that have fostered the community’s economic growth and entrepreneurial spirit. These businesses include Hollywood Eyes for their 19 years of quality eye care in the Broward County, Flash Back diner for their continued support of the Broward County community and Broward Means Business programs, as well as several other notable names like The National Boys & Girls Club and the Women’s History Board.

These “Broward Means Business” proclamations are a way to recognize businesses and business persons who significantly contribute to the County’s positive business climate and is a part of the larger 2016-2020 county commissioning plan to stimulate the local economy by encouraging successful entrepreneurship as well as enabling and growing business in the area. It also includes county-sponsored and hosted events like job fairs, different business-related seminars, and free workshops designed to inform the public on tactics and policies that can be used to enhance their business as well as the local economy.

For more information check out the official Broward Means Business Facebook page,  visit their website at, or call 954.357.6400.

NNRC Announces New Areas of Practice Page

(USA) August 16, 2017

The National Network Reporting Company is proud to present their latest online resource, their Legal Areas of Practice page. Court reporting is an integral part of the litigation process, meaning that it covers all areas of law and all law practices. The NNRC has taken it upon themselves to highlight the important points of each type of legal practice and how court reporting can benefit it. As they say on their page, “When preparing a case it is crucial to understand the type of law field this case resides in. Therefore, having a litigation support team aware and proficient in all law fields and up to date on current legal news and trends is crucial when setting up a winning case.”

The NNRC is a court reporter directory dedicated to promoting quality court reporting firms across the United States, Canada, and Europe whilst providing key networking services to today’s legal professionals. The addition of these Partner of the Week bios will help to take the NNRC search function to the next level. Now lawyers and legal professionals will not only be able to quickly find an exceptional National court reporter in their area but will be able to gain imperative insight on how court reporting can assist their unique case type. Each area of law listed links to a page which gives a brief summary of that particular field, the important aspects of that field, and integral resources.

For more information check out the NNRC website at, their Facebook page, or call 866.337.6672.

Eagle Arts Academy Announces New Technology in Arts Curriculum

Known for their work embedding visual-learning and engaging content into their core curriculum in order to promote collaboration and exploration, Eagle Arts Academy is proud to announce that they will be adding the award-winning educational learning program from into their early learning program. With their state of the art computer lab available to every student, learning and promoting a child’s four C’s: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking, becomes easier than ever before!

The Reading Curriculum Includes:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • Phonics
  • Rhyming words and word families
  • More than 450 books and beginning readers
  • Sentence structure
  • Parts of speech’s reading curriculum spans the entire range of early reading, from learning the names of each letter and the sounds they represent to being able to read books, starting with a few words on a page and gradually advancing to paragraphs. The curriculum for first grade also includes writing and language skills, such as sentence structure and punctuation, parts of speech, and practice with writing genres.

The Math Curriculum Includes:

  • Recognizing and counting numbers 1-120
  • The base ten system
  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Names and attributes of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Length, time, and money measurement teaches numbers, addition and subtraction, shapes, patterns, measurements, and more! Our games and creative activities make math fun while giving young learners the practice they need to build a strong foundation for success.

The Science and Social Studies Curriculum Includes:

  • The body and health
  • Plants and animals
  • Weather, climate, and the seasons
  • Earth’s environments
  • Maps
  • Regions of the United States
  • The Solar System
  • Matter and its properties’s science and social studies curriculum helps children understand the world they live in and inspires curiosity. By encouraging a child’s love of learning early on in their student life, it sets up a strong foundation for success, as they grow older.

For more information on the Eagle Arts Academy curriculum visit the school’s official website at

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Publishes New Pinterest Page to Promote South Florida Lifestyle

(Broward County, FL) August 9, 2017

Since day one, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief has been dedicated to helping her community to flourish by enacting programs to strengthen the local economy using new technology. Programs like Digital Divide and Broward Means Business have gone a long way to providing the community with resources such as tablet computers, job fairs, entrepreneurial workshops, and more.

Now taking it a step further, Barbara Sharief is looking to establish Broward County’s reputation across the nation as the trending technology hub and subtropical paradise that it is through social media. Originally on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Sharief has opened a new Pinterest account in order to promote local restaurants, businesses, and attractions on a global platform.

Intended to be an interactive mood board, Pinterest offers a resource rarely seen on other social media platforms; the ability to easily save properly sourced information. In effect, it becomes a way for people to organize their experiences on the internet and save the things they like for later use. With Pinterest’s feature to grab a related photo and add a quick snippet of context, Pinterest becomes an invaluable way to display everything Broward County has to offer in one place.

Follow the links for a more detailed look at her Pinterest page, and for more information on current programs look to her official youtube channel.

Shalloway & Shalloway, Elder Care Attorneys, Announce Free Seminars

(West Palm Beach) August 7, 2017

Shalloway & Shalloway are pleased to announce the creation of free seminars for the public. The seminars focus on topics ranging from elder care and special needs care to wills and trusts and guardianship. With an aging population, the primary care-givers for elderly and special needs patients are often family members who are not fluent in the legal ramifications of the choices they make to take care of their loved ones.

Principal attorney and owner Mark Shallow addresses the need for further education regarding the legal ramifications of elder care and special needs care: “We created these seminars as a way to inform our public and provide a much-needed service to South Floridians facing the financial and legal questions surrounding the care of their elder or special needs loved ones.”

With an especially aged population in the Palm Beach County area, the children of elderly are often the primary care-givers for their parents. Being a care-giver to an elderly parent is not only emotionally-challenging it is also financially-demanding. There are many questions about insurance requirements, hospice care, nursery homes and wills for those concerned with life after a loved one passes away.

For those who care for a special needs patient the demands of finding the right way to support a loved one can be further complicated by the unusual legal questions of guardianship.

These and other issues are the major reasons why the seminars of Shalloway & Shalloway were created.

For more information on elder care in the state of Florida or Shallow & Shalloway visit the official website of the firm or their seminar listings page.