Corpus Christi Medical Weight Loss Doctors Announce New Services

paulx / December 21, 2016

(Corpus Christi, Texas) December 21st, 2016 Corpus Christi weight loss doctors at Advanced Weight Loss are pleased to announce their new services in providing a highly effective medical weight loss plan geared towards helping patients achieve permanent results and a healthy body. Their Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss plan is a new and powerful approach to weight loss that helps people shed…

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Announcements, Court Reporters

Phoenix Court Reporters Announce 24hr Scheduling for Depositions

paulx / December 14, 2016

(Phoenix, AZ) December 14, 2016 Now able to better serve the Phoenix area with their experienced court reporting practices, Coash and Coash Phoenix Deposition Reporters are proud to announce theirĀ 24hr deposition scheduling services. For over thirty-five years, these experienced Arizona court reporters have demonstrated truly excellent litigation services by providing access to every court reporting and video needed with just…

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