Marsha Naegeli Wins Business Woman of the Year Award

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Wealth and Finance magazine is a publication dedicated to providing investors around the world with the latest industry news in both traditional and alternative investment sectors. In their reports, they have come across on truly stellar companies and individuals who deserve to be highlighted as leaders in their field. Thus, Wealth and Finance has made it a priority over the years to providing a platform for these worthy recipients.

Naegeli Deposition and Trial’s CEO Wins Award

marshanaegeliTheir awards profile companies and individuals who are leading game-changing innovations with a successful performance record in their respective fields. Having won the 2016 Outstanding Woman in Business award, Naegeli Deposition, and Trial’s CEO Marsha Naegeli catapulted to the top of this year’s list of nominees. Now, Wealth and Finance has awarded Marsha Naegeli with their 2016 Business Woman of the Year award. Naegeli’s commitment to providing cutting-edge innovative services has made her an accomplished court reporter with a firm leading the industry.

Marsha Naegeli Embodies Innovative Business

Anyone can see why Marsha Naegeli was awarded this honor, as she truly exemplifies innovative, quality business. Naegeli is always attempting to ensure that her company is offering the absolute best solutions to any court reporting needs. This drive is what has taken Naegeli Deposition and Trial to the forefront of providing outstanding court reporting services and allowed her to expand Naegeli Deposition and Trial’s Seattle court reporters outside of Washington and into the Idaho areas. With her top-notch dedication to quality customer service, it is a wonder how Wealth and Finance will be able to top Marsha Naegeli for their 2017 recipient.

Michigan Court Reporters, Bienenstock Reporting, Announce New 24/7 Scheduling Service

Bienenstock National Court Reporting and Video, court reporting, court reporters, court reporting firms, michigan court reporting, michigan court reporting firms, bienenstock(Detroit, MI) August 8, 2016

Bienenstock Court Reporting and Video is proud to be able to better serve the heel of Michigan’s thumb with their leading court reporting practices. For over twenty years, these experienced and professional Michigan court reporters have demonstrated truly excellent litigation services. Today, Bienenstock is pleased to announce that their services can now be booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With their new scheduling options, Bienenstock can now offer last minute deposition booking with their seasoned litigation support staff.

Court Reporters are an integral part of a successful trial. Included with 24/7 booking and scheduling, Bienenstock offers a multitude of services that they wish to make more available to the modern law firm. By adding in the extra convenience of 24/7 booking, Bienenstock makes it possible for their clients to better meet the challenges of today by adding in necessary expedience and flexibility. Bienenstock can now grantee efficiency and effectiveness on the part of your whole trial support team.

For more information check out their official website at, their Facebook page, or call toll-free at 888.644.8080.